We are so grateful to be able to provide outreach to Callaway County individuals that would like education about domestic and sexual violence. To request a training or any CARDV material, please review the following information and complete the form below. 

Training clarifications:

  • Trainings can be customized for a variety of audiences including business professionals, youth and adolescence, healthcare providers, educators, law enforcement, etc.
  •  Length of trainings vary from 1 to 3 hours. 
  • Sessions are currently only available in English but we will do our best to provide information for available translators at events if requested.
  • Trainings can be utilized for fundraisers, community events, team education, etc.

Material clarifications:

  • Our outreach materials provide information about CARDV available services and contact information
  • Materials include but are not limited to: business cards, brochures, tear-off flyers, posters, pens, and more
  • These outreach materials can be beneficial when displayed in safe, accessible areas to allow individuals to get information or assistance for domestic and/or sexual violence
If submitting a request for training, please include any preferred dates, times, participants, and type of training. If submitting a request for material, please include the type and amount needed. Thank you!
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