Healthy Relationships & Sex

Healthy Relationships & Sex


Relationships are on a spectrum from healthy to abusive. Healthy relationships allow each person to thrive and grow as their own person with time away from each other, as well as being an equal partnership.

In contrast, unhealthy relationships can make you feel like you are trapped. If your partner manipulates you by guilt-tripping you, accusing you of lying, and refuses to take responsibility for their actions, this is not normal or healthy.


Healthy Sex

You have the right to say no, or to stop wanting sex at any time, and your partner should respect that – even if they want to keep going.

It also doesn’t matter how long you have been with someone or how many times you have done something; you can still say no. Just because you wanted something in the past does not mean you want it now.

Consider getting tested for STIs and encouraging your partner to do the same. 

If your partner tries to guilt or manipulate you into having sex, this is abuse.

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