We are so grateful to be able to provide information to Callaway County individuals that would like education about domestic and sexual violence. To request any outreach material please review the following information and complete the form below. 

Outreach Clarifications:

  • Our outreach materials consist of information in regards to CARDV’s available services as well as contact information.
  • Requests can be submitted for a wide variety of CARDV-specific materials such as pens, tear-off flyers, business cards, brochures, and much more.
  • These outreach materials are extremely beneficial to have available for display to provide information about domestic and sexual violence and to allow victims to access information without their abusers knowing about it. Individuals can also get information to help someone else they know experiencing domestic violence.
  • When submitting an outreach material request, please specify if you would like to request a CARDV advocate present during an event to elaborate on services and available information.
Please note: We temporarily have limited staff available to attend events or provide trainings. However, we would still like to encourage requests to be made as we will try to make accommodations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
If "Yes" was checked, please complete the following information.