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Calling our 24-Hour Help Line

CARDV’s help line is available 24/7 to victims and survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault, and for those who may not be sure whether or not their relationship is abusive.  Calling the help line does not commit you to further services and is confidential.

During an initial help line phone call, you can share your situation with an experienced, non-judgmental victim advocate.  Our victim advocates can answer questions you may have about different types of abuse, what kind of help is available and how to access it, and emergency safety planning.  The victim advocate’s goal is to support you and empower you in the decisions that you believe are the best for your life situation.

You can also call the help line for immediate crisis intervention to assist you to a safe location, access medical services immediately after an assault, or assist you with completing orders of protection.  We can help you access emergency temporary shelter if you are facing an immediate threat of abuse.

Before you call, make sure you are in a safe place.  If it is an emergency, please call 911.